Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My new Game

I made up a new game called"Spider Web." I made  it up based on a game I used to play with my Grandma.
   You use a needle. That plays a big part in this game. Here's how to play...You start as near to the door as you can. You can use the needle to move the strings out of the way.But if you touch any of the strings with your skin,clothes or hair, more than 5 times you have to start over.And the socks are spiders and you can't move the strings they're hanging on with your needle. If you touch them with any part of your body you have start over.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Snow Leopard Book

This is my snow leopard book.

All About Snow Leopards

All About Snow Leopards

By:Mireya B. Prosapio


By Mireya Pro

The snow leopards are endangered. Because people are shooting them. They are shooting them because the snow leopards are killing their animals, they also kill them because of their fur. (Their fur is gray with black or brown spots and a bushy tail.)They kill the animals because the people are hunting their food. Which is blue sheep, Asiatic ibex. An Asiatic ibex is a type of goat. They also eat small rodents, like rabbits and birds. It takes them 4 days to eat a blue sheep or a goat. Snow leopards live in China, Russia and the Himalayas in Asia.They weigh about 7 or 8 times the weight of a normal house cat. They are also 2 ft. tall from their paws to their shoulders.

Want more information? Go to

This is a snow leopard cub in the snow
This is a snow leopard cub in the snow.


This is a drawn picture of a snow leopard family.


Bike Riding

This is me riding my old bike. At first I couldn't balance myself,but with the help of my mom and dad I did it.

When my mom and dad were gone I rode at my grandma's house, we played bike games ,like ,monster when she cased me around., and when I pretended to deliver her mail.On friday, when my dad picked me up, we went straight to target, to buy a new bike,called Misty. When we got home me and my dad rode to my grandma's house the long way ,then stopped for water, then rode back the same way.

The Magic Table

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been very busy. Like when I got a giant ball from Santa!! Or when Madeline came over for a play date,and when I went to Arlington with my dad,and all the fun things I did, I even got shoes with toes,and when I went to the Fort Worth Zoo! ! I also caught some of it on my new phone! The thing I didn't like was when school started again,during the weekends I also learned to ride my bike without training wheels! Then Daddy went to get me a new bike and helmet.The reason I'm doing this post is to catch you up. Starting with the book I got published in our school library! First I had to come up with a title I came up with"The Magic Table",then I write it down on the computer, after I finished it Mommy fixed the mistakes,then I printed it out. Then I brought it to school and published it.
Here it is>
The Magic Table
By:Mireya B. Prosapio

One day when Mireya was under her special table she started to cry, because no one understood her. Then she heard a voice, behind her. “Go away!” she half-sobbed, half-shouted. She didn’t hear an answer. “Oh great, now I’m imagining voices!” she exclaimed.

“You’re not imagining my voice,” it answered calmly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed.

Her mom and dad came rushing into the room, both asking what happened. The only problem was she was asking herself the same question. Mireya’s mom told her to call them if anything happened again. She quickly nodded her head.

She had to figure out what was happening to her. She kept an ear out for the voice, she had a plan. Maybe she could befriend the voice.

Then she heard it more clearly, it sounded like a little version of what she heard before,it sounded scared when it said “Are you my mommy?”

“No, what does your mommy look like?” Mireya asked softly.

”Um, well just like me,” it said.

Then something amazing happened to Mireya. When a little snow leopard stepped into the light, the table was suddenly in a cave in the Himalayas, that were in Asia. She held in another scream, and as if that wasn’t weird enough, the mother snow leopard came in and said, “Lilly, what did I tell you about not talking to strangers?”

“Sorry, Mommy,” said Lilly.

“It’s okay this time,” the mom said.

“W-whats y-y-your name?” Mireya stuttered.

“Oh how impolite of me, my name is Cornielia,” she answered. Mireya was amazed of two things one:she just realized they were talking ,two: animals can’t talk!!!

“Do you want to see something cool?”Lilly asked.

“Sure, why not,”Mireya replied.

“Come with me!” Lilly said excitedly. Next thing Mireya knew she was soaring over the mountain peaks.

“How do you do that?” Mireya asked.

“Oh, well every snow leopard can fly,” she replied as if everyone should know this.
“This is awesome!” Mireya shouted joyfully. The next thing she knew she was snow boarding down mountains, ice skating on frozen rivers, having a snowball fight with a snow leopard and having freshly frozen popsicles. While her family was watching her playing with her stuffed snow leopard ,only Mireya could see that the snow leopard was magical.
Little Mireya went there every day after that,but one day when she was about to see her friends, she tripped over a tiny pony, who said jokingly, “Hey, watch it, you’re running into the famous Snowfall.” Then Mireya fell into the lap of a mermaid.
“My name is Shela ,oh and watch out for the bats,” the mermaid warned. Mireya was about to scream but she calmed herself down, then she made friends with them too.
From then on she always took turns playing with her Lilly, Cornielia, Shela and Snowfall almost very day.

The End

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kittens dead

A few years ago Kitten died. Luckely she went to cat heven peacefully.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Butterfly Rescue

One day when my family was in Odessa and Jorden and Roman were visiting Jorden and I found a butterfly, with a broken wing so we named it Wing. It couldn't fly so we put it in a safe place for the night. Then in the morning if flew away.